A Wellpark Production for Channel 4

Family annihilation is a horrifying phenomenon yet according to statistics one of them is happening nearly every two months. The story of the Mochrie family from Barrie in South Wales was one of the most horrifying and memorable examples of this time of murder.

To everyone who knew them the Mochrie family were an ordinary happy middle class family. Then, one fateful summer night the suburban facade of normality was shattered forever. Robert Mochrie, the apparently devoted father and husband systematically murdered his four children and his wife then took his own life.

Why did this happen and why are family mass murders, like the one Robert committed, now happening every six weeks?


Dewald Aukema

Marc Hatch

Dave Hewson

Executive Producer
Grant McKee

Associate Producer
Vicky Crawley

Marc Davies

Produced And Directed By
Sue Bourne