A Wellpark Production for BBC1

What would you do if you were told you had a terminal illness and may only have months to live?

Award winning film-maker Sue Bourne wanted to make a film about living, not dying. She set out to find people of all ages who had managed to find positives in their terminal prognosis and were making the most of the time they had left.

The twelve people in this thought-provoking and uplifting film range from their twenties to their late sixties. They speak eloquently and inspiringly about what they have discovered really matters in life. They smile and laugh and try not to cry because they say that crying and being sad is a waste of the precious time they have left. Some say they feel privileged to have been told how much time they have left. Others are pleased they are going to die before they get old because at least now they know they will not have to face a miserable and sad old age.

Everyone in the film describes the intensity that comes with knowing your time is limited - how as a result they all appreciate and celebrate their remaining life.

These are remarkable testimonies that make you go away and think about how to live your own life. And make you wonder how best to face your own death when that time comes.

This is a film that will hopefully get everyone talking. And thinking. And looking at how we live our lives.



Produced And Directed By
Sue Bourne

Photography by
Natalie Walter

Executive Producer
Grant McKee

Samual R Santana


 DVD (PAL-UK & Europe) £15 + P&H