A Wellpark Production for Channel 4

This is the story of one single day in one British city and the Births, Deaths and Marriages that take place in one twenty four hour period.  Sue Bourne and her team set out to show that as we all go about our daily lives on any particular day in exactly the same 24 hour period something momentous, life changing or life affirming is bound to be happening in other people’s lives.  By focusing on Birth, Death and Marriage we showed how different people react to hugely important moments in their life.  How the eternal and relentless cycle of life grinds on, happily or tragically, from one  moment to the next.

This was a major production under-taking for Wellpark – it took months of planning and preparation. Yet we had minimal control over what stories and people would eventually be part of the film. We had to follow events and people who were getting married, buried or born on that one day. And then we had to make a film about the stories that actually happened.  And the people these events were happening to. In many ways this approach to story telling results in a very honest account – the film maker is forced to make their film using only the people whose lives are affected on that one day but Birth, Death or Marriage. It was an exciting journey and on our chosen day, the longest day of the year, we had a team of twenty people in our chosen city of Bristol working non-stop for 24 hours.

The resulting film provided a unique snapshot of contemporary Britain and a moving and memorable portrait of how we deal with some of the most important moments in our lives.

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Filming Directors
Will Lorimer
Kirsty Cunningham
Fergus Colville
Rob Gill
Launa Kennett
Steve Poole

Paul Otter
Roger Chapman
Matt Norman

Fraser Barber

Steve Isles

Executive Producer
Grant McKee

Nick Follows

Co Produced And Directed By
Sam Emmery

Co Produced And Directed By
Sue Bourne

DVD (PAL-UK & Europe) £15 + P&H
DVD (NTSC-America) Approx.$20+P&H