A Wellpark Production for Channel 4

Sixty years ago on the week this film was transmitted, Prince Charles was born. All the babies born on the same day as the Prince received a parcel from the Palace. This documentary tells the story of those intervening sixty years through the testimony of a handful of those other baby boys born in 1948. With Prince Charles’s life as a backdrop this diverse selection of men tell the story of their lives and the enormous changes they have witnessed and experienced along the way. Fascinating personal histories are gradually revealed on the eve of their sixtieth birthdays. From lifelong drop-outs to millionaire entrepreneurs, famous authors to humble manual labourers, these men tell their personal histories with remarkable candour and honesty as they talk about their lives, loves, losses and achievements.

It was a rare but welcome moment in television to see and hear men of this generation being asked to talk about themselves. And it was an unexpected delight to see how much they seemed to enjoy the experience.



Steve Organ

Billy Young

Steve Isles

Associate Producer
Will Lorimer

Executive Producer
Grant McKee

Nick Follows

Produced By
Sue Bourne

Directed By
Sam Emmery