A Wellpark Production for BBC One Scotland

Associate Producer
Kate Cotter

Sue Bourne

Joby Gee

Directed By
Sam Emmery

The magic of Santa? The fantasy world that is created for children in department stores the length and breadth of Britain. As you are dragged for the sake of the children, through long queues and into tiny dank, sweaty grottos do you ever wonder what really goes on behind the scenes in a Christmas grotto? This film will tell you, capturing as it does the sheer horror of the job of coping with asking hundreds of children day in day out the same questions.

This quirky, irreverent documentary tells the story of serial Santa Chris Diamond as, yet again, he climbs into his Santa suit and walks into his very own winter wonderland. Failed businessman, published author, politics graduate Chris has had many jobs but his most regular one for the past decade has been playing Santa in a Xmas grotto. Chris rather desperately hopes this will be his final stint on the job. And for his sake you hope his wish comes true.