A Wellpark Production for BBC2

The world is in the grip of a reproductive revolution and Denmark is at its epicenter. This groundbreaking Sue Bourne film explores the compelling human stories behind the multi-million pound global sperm trade that is transforming traditional family life forever.
In the UK alone, the number of women buying Danish sperm has grown 40% every year since 2005.
Single, infertile, gay, straight: thanks to the Internet women from anywhere on the planet are now just a "click" away from their dream of having a baby, no questions asked, often bypassing men altogether.
Against the backdrop of a global multimillion-pound business, we will tell the profoundly emotional and moving stories of the individuals and couples who invest years of their lives and tens of thousands of pounds on their quest to have a baby.
We will follow sperm straws as they are shipped to local clinics, front doorsteps and kitchen tables around the world. We will also witness the joy, heartbreak, hope and disappointment of individuals and couples traveling to Denmark in the hope of conceiving their much longed-for baby.
This is not a small film about a local fertility clinic: this is a global story that touches all of us because of the impact it will inevitably have on parenthood and family life for generations to come. This film will lead viewers through the extraordinary unknown landscape of the Danish sperm industry and provide a unique insight into this brave, and sometimes controversial, new world.


Produced And Directed By
Sue Bourne

Will Moore
Richard Gibb

Marc Hatch

Richard Mead

Assistant Producer
Sarah Harris

Executive Producer
Grant McKee

Rupert Houseman


DVD (PAL-UK & Europe) £15 + P&H